Hammer Mill Parts

Genesis III Inc. offers a complete line of hammer mill replacement parts, including hammers, screens, rods, spacers, and lock collars.  Select below the product line you wish to explore.



A complete line of hammer mill hammers tailored to your mill and grinding application. From premium to inexpensive with many customizable features, they are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Replacement screens in a large variety of perforations and gauges, standard sizes for the most common hammer mills are readily available.  Customization is also available.

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Rods, Spacers, Lock Collars and other components

Hammer mill rods of the highest quality, hardened to maximize wear and chamfered on both ends for ease of installation. Rods can be plain, or customized: slotted, grooved, threaded, or drilled and tapped.  Spacers are machined to exact dimensions in almost any diameter and length, based on your mill configuration. Lock collars, lock straps (or swing clips) and bolts, cotter or roll pins, and many other components are also available.

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