Hammer Mill Hammers

Hardfacing Styles

Hammer Mill Hammer Hardfacing Styles

These are some of the most common styles of hardfacing, or none at all as in #8. All of these can be modified to your specifications, contact us if you have questions or need a style not shown here.

Forged Hammer Mill Hammers

The forging process produces a tighter and more uniform grain structure, thus improving the strength characteristics of the hammer.  It also allows us to create shapes that optimize weight distribution, provide mass where needed without increasing overall weight, and maximize grinding efficiency.

Genesis III Inc. has multiple design and utility patents covering our innovative forged hammers.

Click on any of the graphics below to view details on some of our most popular forged hammers.

Energy Saver Hammer Mill Hammers

Energy Saver hammers are designed to reduce weight and improve grinding efficiency.  A lighter hammer improves your HP to hammer ratio, or you can add more hammers to the mill.  They have other features as well, click on the graphics below to view product details.

Standard Hammer Mill Hammers

“Standard” hammers are the rectangular style hammers that have been used in the industry for over a hundred years. They come in an almost unlimited variety of thicknesses, widths, hole diameters, and different hardfacing options for the working edges of the hammer.

Genesis III Inc can tailor these hammers to the mill you are using and the product you are grinding.  Some of the most common styles are below, click on any of the graphics to see product details.

Economy Hammer Mill Hammers

Best low priced hammer in the industry.  Weld length and style can be customized based on your needs.