Hammer Mill Screens and Accessories

Hammer Mill Screens

Genesis III Inc. is your source for hammer mill screens.  These are manufactured to match the size, perforation, and gauge used in your hammer mill and can be customized as needed.

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You can also print off the Hammer Mill Screen PDF here.

Rods, Spacers, Lock Collars and Accessories

Hammer mill rods of the highest quality, hardened to maximize wear and chamfered on both ends for ease of installation. Rods can be plain, or customized: slotted, grooved, threaded, or drilled and tapped.  Spacers are machined to exact dimensions in almost any diameter and length, based on your mill configuration. Lock collars, lock straps (or swing clips) and bolts, cotter or roll pins, and many other components are also available.

Rods Spacers  Lock Collars