Forged Hammer Mill Hammer – 1/2″

Any style for any need, Genesis III will help you get the job done.  Our 1/2″ forged hammer replaces a standard 1/2″ thick hammer but with less weight.  See more product details below.

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  • Forged for strength and durability.
  • Replaces a standard 1/2″ thick hammer with these improvements.
  • 1/2″ thick at rod connection end, 1/2″ thick at grinding end, but –
  • 33% lighter than the hammer it replaces due to forged design.
  • Keep the same number of hammers but decrease overall weight, improve HP to hammer ratio.
  • Center of gravity moves to heavy grinding end, maintains perpendicularity to screen and grinding efficiency.
  • 8.125″ to 8.25″ swing length.
  • Offset relief hole eliminates hammer locking on the rod.
  • Can be customized with Genesis III Duraweld™ hardfacing based on your needs.
  • We can re-pattern your mill if you want to add/remove hammers.
  • Can be pre-assembled for ease of installation.
  • U.S. Patents 7140569, 7559497, 7621477, 7819352, 8033490