We are Genesis III, a leading provider of hammer mill replacement parts sourced and made in the USA.

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  • We’ve been using Genesis III hammers and screens since 2009. They are good quality products and we are very happy with the longevity of both. We do one shutdown a year at our plant and Genesis keeps down time to a minimum and our grind quality steady.

    Don B.

    Lincolnway Energy
  • Our wood pellet plant produces over 100,000 tons of premium wood fuel pellets annually, operating 24/7. The performance of our three hammer mills is crucial, which is why we use Genesis III hammers and pins exclusively. Genesis III hammers provide the best longevity, best resistance to damage from foreign objects like rocks and tramp metal, and are absolutely the best overall value in hammers. And the Genesis III staff has always provided us with the best service we could want, for custom design, fast delivery, and perfect balancing of our hammers.

    Ron H.

    Maine Woods Pellet Co.
  • Genesis III makes a superior product and has great customer service. If their top notch customer service doesn’t sell you on their company, their product definitely will.

    Christi D.

    Maeder Brothers Inc.
  • Mid-Missouri Energy has been using Genesis III  relief hole forged hammers and screens since 2010. Genesis III has superb customer  service at a competitive price.  Genesis hammers have enabled us to change out our hammers once a year while maintaining a consistent grind and reducing downtime.

    Patrick G.

    Mid-Missouri Energy
  • Red Trail Energy has been using Genesis III hammers since 2013.  Since installing the hammers, we have been able to run for a complete year without having to switch hammers or have a plant slow down because of a hammer failure. The customer service is second to none, and their pricing is as competitive as anyone in the market.

    Dustin W.

    Red Trail Energy